2015-2017          MFA Program of  Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem Tel- Aviv .

2012-2014          Fashion Design, Vitzo-Haifa.

2004-2006          Young Artist  Workshop and Teaching License, Faculty of Arts, Oranim College, Tivon.

20002004         BFA in Fine Arts and English Literature, Faculty of Arts, Haifa University, Haifa.


Solo Exhibitions

2025   (in progress), Solo Exhibition, CCA, Tel Aviv. 

2022   I had done this and I hadn’t done that, Solo Exhibition, Sommer Gallery, Tel Aviv. 

2022   This is my Playground, Solo Exhibition, Haifa Museum for Arts, Haifa.

2019   Out of Context, Solo Exhibition, Bet Hagefen Gallery, Haifa.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023    Hotel Zif Zif,  Group Exhibition, Zumu Museums, Acre.

2023    Instant Modernism,  Group Exhibition, Al Qattan Foundation, Ramallah.

2022    NONFINITO, Artport’s Artist in residence Group Exhibition, Artport Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2022    All Theory is Grey, but the Tree of life Springs Ever Green,  Group Exhibition, Museum’s Collections, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

2022    A Shadow of a Doubt, Group Exhibition, Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art, kibbutz Zoria.

2021    The Institution , Group Exhibition, Ramat Gan museum of Israeli art, Ramat Gan.

2021    The Haifa Way, Group Exhibition, Haifa Museum of arts, Haifa.

2021    The Father, The Daughter and The Holy Spirit, Group Exhibition,  Ahad Ha’am 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2021     Skein, New acquisitions for the Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Israeli art collection, Tel Aviv museum of art, Tel Aviv.

2020    Time, Group Exhibition, The Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem.

2019     Social Bauhaus, Group Exhibition, Haifa.

2019     Traces, The 7th  Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Group Exhibition, Artists House – Jerusalem.

2019     Out of Context, Solo Exhibition, Bet Hagefen Gallery, Haifa.

2019     Zoom, Young Israeli Artist, Group Exhibition,  Nature Museum, Tel-Aviv.

2019     Personal Expressions, Group Exhibition, Mormon University Gallery, Jerusalem.

2019     Limitless, Group Exhibition, Walled Off Hotel Gallery, Bethlehem.

2018    You Will be My Sand, Group Exhibition, Arad Contemporary Art Centre (AC), Arad.

2018    1948, Group Exhibition, Haifa City Museum, Haifa.

2018    Small Sanctuary, Group Exhibition at the Bezalel MFA Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2018    Properties, Manofim Festival Main Exhibition, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Jerusalem.

2018.    From Haifa Port to Wadi Salib, Group Exhibition, Pyramida Platform, Haifa.

2018 ​    Plenty,MoBY: Group Exhibition, Museums of Bat Yam, Bat Yam.

2018     Scales,Co-Exhibition, Idris Artist Space Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

2018     Fresh Paint Fair 10, Group Exhibition, Tel-Aviv.

2017 ​     Self-Collecting,Group Exhibition, Beit Hagefen Art Gallery, Haifa.

2017      M​ixed Impression, Group Exhibition, Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa.

2017      Final project MFA, Group Exhibition, Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, Bezalel, Tel-aviv.

2017      Ghosts Dance,Group Exhibition, Beit Hagefen Art Gallery, Haifa.

2016      Sight and Seeing,Group Exhibition, Play Haifa, Beit Hagefen, Haifa.

2016 ​     Love me Tender,Group Exhibition, Miriam Nissenholtz Gallery, Bezalel, Tel-aviv.

2014      Wisdom of Crowds,Group Exhibition, Bet Hagefen gallery, Haifa.

2014      Manam, the 5th Riwaq Biennale, Qalandiya International,  Haifa – Ramallah.

2014     “4-Compounds“, Group Exhibition, The House of Culture andArt, Nazareth.

2013     The Space Below/The Space Above, Group Exhibition, International Exhibition, Haifa.

2012     Gestures in Time: Group Exhibition, the 4th Riwaq Biennale and Jerusalem Show VI for the 1st Qalandiya International, Nazareth.

2012     Parts of a Picture: Group Exhibition, Riwaq Biennale and Jerusalem Show VI for the 1st Qalandiya International.

2012     “e7teqan” (congestion),Group Exhibition, Extraction Point, Beit Hagefen, Haifa.